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Nitroxin was originally formulated to give porn actors erections…but when sexologists mistakenly increased the dosage of this one special nutrient… a remarkable TRANSFORMATION took place in the actors and saved an industry! Almost overnight Nitroxin, is creating a major media buzz, and research and real result by real people have all of us truly astonished by the effects it has on men. The result have the adult industry so excited about Nitroxin that it has put in some serious though to make it a mandatory supplement part of every actors pre filming routine.

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Nitroxin’s nutrients act like a booster rocket for your libido. You’ll go from mild interest in sex -- to sky-rocketing your desire FAST. However, there’s a lot more to this male enhancement formula that triggers massive penis growth and hardness. That’s because with daily use, Nitroxin will also increase your stamina and endurance and have you experiencing volcanic-like ejaculations for the sexual ride of your life!

To understand this better you have to go back to dealing with your testosterone levels. Simply stated, when they’re low -- they cause weak erections and you lose interest in sex. The secret to overcoming this problem is to naturally boost testosterone and dompanine levels in your bloodstream.

Next, Nitroxin works to increase Nitric Oxide production and feeds the erectile tissue directly. This allows more blood flow to fill the three penile chambers resulting in bigger, harder and longer-lasting erections. Your body gets precisely what it needs to achieve its maximum erection potential.

Thankfully, Nitroxin’s proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients synergistically work in tandem to awaken your body’s production of these vital sex hormones. Once it does, your sex drive is significantly reignited and you get aroused easily—getting you as rock hard as you were in your 20’s!


You may be wondering if you can get the same effects from simply taking Nitroxin – and the truth is that you can! Nitroxin has been around for years in the adult industry. Thanks to Bree Olson ( Adult Film Star), Nitroxin has been shared with the public, and has seen great success

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Get a free trial of Nitroxin Male Enhancement plus Male Enhancement Cream to really give you the edge in the bedroom. The ingredients in this are exactly what you need for a larger stronger penis. The ingredients were originally used for athletes and body builders to build stronger muscle fast, but is now being used by pornstars for harder erections, better sexual performance, and stamina.

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What's Next?

Just take your capsules everyday, as instructed on the box, and you've got all you need to add some serious length and girth to your penis, improve your sex life, and to get her the 100% satisfaction she deserves. If you're man enough don't forget to take before and after pics to share with us at the end of your 4 weeks.


Hey guys, like promised my week to week journey using Nitroxin

I can’t get it up any more. Is that the worse thing ever? ED at MY age!? (I’m only 39) I tried Viagra… but my heart started pumping so hard -- I thought it was going to burst through my chest.

Guess what? My doctors tell me I have a bad ticker, one ven¬tricle is slightly clogged. Which means, VIAGRA is out. That’s when my girlfriend in¬troduced me to Nitroxin… this stuff is potent to say the least. (I added 2” to my pecker in just 45 days.) However, here’s what happened during my 5 week transformation:

End of Week 1 -- You wake up with a FLAGPOLE sized penis. Stiff like a rock. Just like you had as a teenager

End of Week 2 -- You can’t believe it. You’re getting HORNIER and HORNIER. You just have to look at a hot piece of ass (hell, even an average one) and the bulge in your pants rises like the tide. You’re gaining more confidence. You have more energy and stamina in bed. Your lover comments about it -- and you smile because only YOU know your secret!

End of Week 3 -- Your lover is amazed that after you cum -- you’re still HARD. You measure your manhood and you realize you’ve added about 1.5 inches in length. You also notice that you’re thicker!

End of Week 4 -- You just want to fuck whenever you can. Your lover is blown away by the new you. The way you hold yourself… your confidence is at Warp 10 now… your relationship with your significant other is as good as it’s been in a long time. You’ve now added another 2” in total to your pecker.

End of Week 5 -- You feel like you’re back in college… hard, horny and ready to bang like a hammer on top of a nail. Your lover is sexting you and telling you how she can’t wait to have you inside of her later -- and how she’s going to ride your MONSTER. You measure your pecker and it’s an astonishing 3” longer and wider in girth.

David Coners

Thanks for the article, although I have tried many male enhancements in the past and most of them do not work.. I dont know if im goin to try this one. I dont feel like waisting money.

Brent Holcomb · University of Oxford

Man this stuff kicks ass, I started about 2 weeks ago and Im seeing some great gain. David, I would give this a try it definetly does work!

David Coners· Subscribe · Miami, FL

Wow it really does work, thanks Brent for giving me the good advice. Im glad I tried it. I was worried at first although, results started showing the first week.

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